Show how you feel about the Bush Administration by wearing this eye catching Professionally made T-shirt.

One size, Extra Large, Silk Screen, 100 % white cotton, high quality, Fruit of the Loom T-shirt with Red & Black lettering which asks the question- "WHICH BUSH LIE DO YOU BELIEVE??" Protest how you feel while we still have some freedom of speech left.

I created this T-shirt to wake people up. I love this country and don't agree with what the Bush Administration is doing to it. People we are slowly losing our rights by trusting the Bush Administration. Bush says one thing and then does another. He promised our veterans more money in benefits and they are actually getting even less.

Most people who use the Bush medicine plan will be paying more for their medicine prescriptions not less,
he knew that when he made the deal with the pharmaceutical Industry.

This administration gave us false promises of security in exchange for a loss of freedoms. How many of your
constitutional rights are you willing to give up?

Homeland Security and the Patriot Act #1 has already taken away some of your constitutional rights.

It allows police to enter your home without your knowledge or permission and without a search warrant if they "feel" they have reason to believe that you are doing something wrong. They can come into your house and even confiscate your computer or anything else they want for as long as they want. I know of someone who had this happen to them. Show your support for our freedoms granted to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights by letting them see this T-shirt.

Bush promised the Homeland Security Patriot Act #1 which was put into law after 9/11 would only be temporary.

It expires this December but Bush wants it to be permanent now!!

A U.S. citizen can now be accused of a crime or labeled a terrorist according to their definition and jailed indefinitely with no legal representation or right to a jury trial. Homeland Security II is coming which takes more of our rights away in the interest of false security. How many more rights will we lose before
people speak out?

The Bush administration has said that they are happy that more Jobs are leaving this country. We can always retrain right? Our tax dollars are being used to help these Companies move to Mexico and China. Bush claims we have more jobs then ever before. Ask those who have lost their jobs due to the company moving to another country where labor is cheaper how they feel about this?

Did you know that the Bush administration would like to label a minimum wage fast food job putting hamburgers together a factory assembly job! It took Clinton 8 years to put our government in the black budget wise. It took the George Bush Administration only 3 years to put the United States in more debt then ever before!

Show Bush what you think of how he has run this country. He has interests in BIG OIL which is a definite conflict of interest. This President has shown by his actions that he cares for BIG BUSINESS first not the people.

Wear this T-shirt and send the BUSH Administration a message while we still have the freedom to speak out and be heard.

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