Health Care Document on my  web site. People are close to rioting here
because our Government is trying to force us to except this document. People
do not want it because they know the truth of what it will do. People need
to read it to see for themselves.



On this web site I am providing you proof that In 2005 President Bush (CFR member) signed the (SPP)  Security & Prosperity Partnership Agreement planned to unite Mexico and Canada with the United States as a single country.


This will mean a LOSS OF U.S. SOVEREIGNTY and a NEW CURRENCY to replace our dollar called the "AMERO".

For this to occur the DOLLAR WILL BE DE-VALUED and the U.S. ECONOMY WILL BE COLLAPSED forcing all the people to except this new money system. .


To prove this I have a copy of the document  titled "BUILDING A NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY"  Report of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North American on this web site.


This document sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in association with the Chief Executives of the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales proposes the creation by  2010 of a North American Economic and Security Community.


* ALL those who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations must already know of this plan and secretly support it including News Media, Congress, Senators and other Government and World Leaders. The policies that they are now putting into place are desgined to make this happen.



President Bush in 2005 also signed the SAFETEA-LU  Bill to toll and Privatize the Interstate Highways as part of the American Union this which makes possible a variety of programs all aimed at forcing Americans to pay to travel on now exisitng Interstate Highways, bridges and tunnels.

Tolls collected will be automatic requriing universally compatible toll transponder tags on every vehicle!


Please look though this site and you will find other information that you were never told because the people in charge do not want you to know!


AMERO Bank note


He Lies
Who Dies?
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"In 2005 The leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada signed the North American Union Treaty without Congress approval.

This is why President Bush will not enforce closing our borders. Bush wants to merge Mexico, the United States and Canada into one country with a New Constitution and new money called the AMERO. So that low cost goods can be shipped into this country and Canada.
If this is permitted to occur it will be the end of the United States as we know it!"

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, right, and Mexico's President Vincente Fox,
 left, shake hands as U.S. President George W. Bush, center looks on following their meetings
 and a joint news conference at Baylor University in Waco, Texas,
Wednesday, March 23, 2005. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite), Range Magazine, Spring 2007.

Lists of the Senators who voting for the Immigration bill! CLICK

Download the Patriot Act and see how many RIGHTS  that you loose ! (Acrobat Format)
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Click here for New Information added About the Bush New World Order, North American Union Plan.

Patriot Act #1 ( 1.6 MB )    Patriot Act #2 ( 8 MB )

E N T E R    T H E    S I T E


"My solution to this Economic Crisis"

This economic crisis was caused by greed. The Bush Administration supported the de-regulation of the banking Industry which allowed these bad mortgages to occur. Both Senator McCaine & the Bush Administration with many Senators including Barney Frank supported this de-regulation.

We have been told that the bail-out bill that was signed inot law was for 700 billion to solve this problem. But the truth is that it will be 700 billion plus an additional 150 billion dollars for a total of 850 billion dollars.

Congress added 150 billion dollars in additional pork projects to this bill before they would sign it into law
which has nothing to do with the bail-out. They took a 3 page bail-out bill and increased it to 110 pages. When that was rejected they added even more pork projects to it so that it is now 450 pages.

Our Government will gladly bail out Wal-Street and the banks but wants to keep the people in bondage.
The Bush Administration wants to buy up those bad mortgage pieces of paper from the Banks and then re-negotiate a lower interest rate with the people who took out those mortgages. This keeps the people still owing money yet our Government gives out our money to the Banks and Wal-Street with no promise of a return. Is this fair?

It would be cheaper for our Government to pay off those bad mortgage loans for the people who took them out instead of trying to refinance them. Even if those bad mortgages are re-financed there is no guarantee that the people who took them out will ever be able to pay them off. This problem needs to be solved now before it freezes up the entire world economic system.

If the United States Government paid off those bad loans
that paper would not longer be bad and clogging up the system. This would solve the credit crisis we now face. Credit would flow freely again and loans could be taken out.

But instead of doing this our Government will keep printing up more money with nothing to back it causing the dollar to lose more of it's value. This is called hyper-inflation. The more money they print the less the dollars is worth. It will take more dollars to buy the goods and services that are being purchased.

A North American Union is coming. The United States, Mexico & Canada will become one country with a new currency called the AMERO. Our dollar will be de-valued until it is worthless. The stage is now being set for this to happen!

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